It is true that yoga does not require a specific level of fitness, strength, or flexibility, and helps to relieve tight muscles, increase energy/circulation, and builds greater strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration…ah, but there’s so much more!

Think of this yoga as an invitation to get acquainted with yourself and all that is possible.

How often do you check in? I mean really pay attention to what your body and mind are doing?  Every instance is different, each day, each opportunity. So how are we to know what is fully available unless we acknowledge and accept where we are at any given moment.

What is offered in class is an opportunity  to explore yourself with awareness as the emphasis and breath as the link.  You are simply asked to honor the body you bring with you and breathe. Everything else is optional, with an opportunity to take it further. Your breath will tell you when you are ready.

FullSizeRender (2)One yoga class a week will change your day,  two a week will change your outlook, 3 or more will change your life!  For me yoga was the first piece that illuminated all the others in my personal recipe for life.

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