Yoga Testimnials

I first met Cara about 5 years ago when she was teaching yoga at Descanso Gardens.  I took her class there for three years straight with only a few breaks between and learned so much about our bodily energy, our souls, balance, love, light and renewal.  Her classes and recommendations and meditations truly changed my life and she is a patient, devoted and a truly gifted Yogi.  Any time you get to spend with Cara will be time well spent! -Gina Long

I have studied yoga with Cara Davis for the last 5+ years [feel free to put in exact number if you know it], after having studied with half a dozen other teachers since 1995. She is the best-trained, most compassionate teacher I have ever had. Before each class, she asks students which parts of the body we need to work on, and customizes the class based on those answers. She watches and adjusts students so we have correct alignment – not like other teachers who are essentially doing their own practice with students along for the ride. She shows me how to modify poses to avoid making my arthritic wrists and hands hurt more than they already do. She does all this with grace, humor, and humanity.  Best, Jane

There are two qualities that make Cara Davis an outstanding yoga instructor and set her apart from all the others.  One is her nurturing and kind attitude.  The other is the skillful way she differentiates her instruction so that whatever level anyone is at, they can participate and advance at their own pace.  She makes yoga doable and enjoyable for everyone.  Her knowledge of yoga and related health is extensive.  I always look forward to our practices, and with her guidance and expertise, my flexibility and health have greatly improved.  I highly recommend yoga with Cara for everyone. Gratefully, Janet Chadwick (teacher)

I cannot speak highly enough about Cara.  She has bridged any barriers in me around the practice of yoga by demonstrating its overarching purposes for discovering the love & light in us all.  She has a beautiful awareness of each person who comes to her as special and translates that care throughout her sessions.  She is also creatively astute and keeps expanding her offerings to include messages of hope & healing, which she artfully reads at the close of each session during savasana… Must come to experience! Respectfully, Donna

Yoga with Cara is a very unique experience (and I have been doing yoga for more than a decade).  She gets to know each student as an individual and is in tune with their needs and interests.  She always asks for special requests so each session is customized to that particular group’s needs.  Her understanding of the interconnections in the body is extraordinary and she uses that knowledge in a very healing way.  She has adapted standard practices to help one optimize the stretch and strengthening.  I am always wonderfully surprised by how much better I feel each time I come. I have made a lot of progress through her expert guidance and really specific cuing on each position.  And I love the readings that she offers to “let wash over you” at the end of each session.  She is a warm and wonderful person, very dedicated to her profession.-Carol Teutsch

I was a complete novice in the practice of yoga when I took my first class with Cara Davis.  And since I was completely unfamiliar with the poses and the associated meditative aspects of yoga, I entered the room with absolutely no expectations.  I would venture to guess that it’s been about 8 years since that auspicious day, and I can safely say that the decision to continue my yoga education and training with Cara is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Cara has always been, and continues to be, an extremely skilled, attentive, caring and generous teacher, and she is remarkably attuned to the needs of her yoginis in each of her classes.  I am always in awe of her strength and the incredible ease with which she demonstrates each pose.  But more notably, her ability to cue us through even new poses is so clear and precise that I am often able to execute them with my eyes closed.  Speaking from a personal perspective, I marvel, not only at my increased flexibility, but at the rehabilitative aspects I experience in each class.  Being employed full-time, I often enter the studio at the start of class with a feeling of angst and fatigue, but I always leave with both renewed vigor and an increased sense of peace.  To me, Cara Davis is the quintessential teacher and practitioner of yoga. – Ilene Rivera

I am a long-time practitioner of yoga, starting out when my body was young and strong and able to bend into all kinds of difficult yoga poses.  Many years back, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and since then I struggle daily with sore, stiff muscles & joints.  I started taking Cara’s classes during that period.  In all these years, she has consistently been a gentle, insightful teacher who emanates loving kindness.   Her attitudes have helped me to accept my body as it is while trying to help it to be the best it can be.  I love her reminders to honor the body you brought with you on a particular day, since every day my body offers different challenges.  During particularly difficult times, I count the days until I can re-enter her yoga class so I can give my body just what it needs, in a lovely, natural setting.  I walk out feeling better than if I had gone to the spa!  With deep appreciation, Namaste ~ Mary Beth

Cara Davis is an outstanding yoga teacher.  I have been her student for ten years. There is an immediate calming effect upon entering her classes. She always checks with the class to see if there are any areas of the body they would like to work that day. This gives the students ownership of the practice. No two classes are ever alike.  The postures flow from one to another and if there is a challenging pose Cara will demonstrate several variations to accommodate all of the students.  The very special part of her classes is the Relaxation pose or Savasana. Cara reads a short affirmation for you to take with if you chose to or not.  One always leaves energized, yet calm. -Rosalie Blum

I have tried dozens of yoga teachers in my twenty years of living in Los Angeles, trying to find the right one for me.  My search has finally ended with Cara.  There is no one better.- Juliet White

I have been a student in Cara’s yoga class for the past ten years, and I can honestly say that each class is fresh and that Cara continues to challenge me in deepening my practice.  I have taken many other yoga classes from other instructors and none of them compares to the flow, rhythm and energy that Cara creates in her classes.    She truly integrates the spiritual, physical, and psychological aspects of the most profound practice of yoga.-Beverly Lockwood-Conlan

Cara Davis has guided my yoga practice for the past ten years. I’ve been with other instructors and no one “cues” positions as perfectly as she does, time in Cara’s class flows from a centered, graceful place within her.  You and your yoga practice will be enriched by the time you spend with Cara. -Lynne

I have been taking yoga with Cara for several years.  Her classes are fun and creative and her attitude is loving and caring. Cara welcomes suggestions for what her students want to work on and she encourages us to honor the bodies we bring with us each day. She does an excellent job catering the practice to varying abilities and helping each person modify their poses according to their own strengths and challenges. No matter how I’m feeling walking in to a class with Cara, I always come away feeling refreshed and energized. I am grateful to Cara for her dedication as a yoga teacher. She is simply the best!-Alison Spielmann

I have been taking Yoga from Cara since her twins were babies and even though I no longer live in the area, I still make an hour + journey to take class with Cara because Yoga practice under her direction is such an amazing experience.  She is committed to her practice and her students in a manner I have not witnessed with other instructors.  She continues to amaze me in her ability to expand and explore Yoga instruction as a total heart and body experience.  Thank you Cara for making me a stronger, more agile, and complete human being!  Love, Candy

Cara creates a kind and gentle class that moves every part of your body. It is suitable for beginner to any level. I always leave feeling good.-Carolyn

Thank God a friend recommended I go to Cara’s Yoga Class.   I had been to many before over the years and never stayed with it.    I am 67 years old and I golf, bike, hike, and yoga has kept me flexible enough to manage all these sports.    Each time I go I feel she is catering the poses just for me.   She will make sure your body is in the right position to get the full benefits.    I feel stronger and more flexible than I did 2 years ago when I started with Cara.   I recommend her highly.-Colleen Nicassio

To experience Yoga with Cara is to experience Yoga differently. Cara brings an impassioned, engaged, loving and gentle essence to her practice and to that of her students. Yoga with Cara goes beyond the appreciable; it becomes a transforming experience that positively impacts one’s overall sense of wellbeing.   –Ann

I have been taking yoga taught by Cara for a number of years. I love Cara’s classes because she makes them so clear and guides you to work your entire body in many different ways. You never have to wonder how a pose is supposed to look or struggle to find an alternate pose and when class is over, you feel as though you paid attention to your whole self.  Cara leads her classes so that all you have to do is let the body you brought to class be the best it can be.  -Lisa Harrison

I have been practicing with Cara for the past 10+ years.  The minute I walk in her studio, I feel at home. I am continually impressed by her calm and caring demeanor.  She challenges and supports her students with an encouraging and nurturing presence.  I always leave with a peaceful feeling…so important in this hectic world!! -Barbara Brunelli

After a very long hiatus from Yoga (and trying a few classes that weren’t the “right mix”) a friend recommended Cara.– and now we know why.  Cara is everything that you would want in a Yoga teacher, and more. Both my husband and myself were afraid that at our age we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fruits of yoga again; however, with Cara’s gentle encouragement we have found our yoga practice very enjoyable and we both look forward to our weekly classes.   Cara clearly demonstrates how to ease your body in and out of yoga poses, while building an inner strength and flexibility.  She is extremely qualified and comes with our absolute highest recommendation. -Patti & Richard Estrada

In times of happiness and times of sorrow yoga with Cara has carried me forward. –Marilyn Harris

Cara Davis is far and away the best yoga leader I have experienced, and I have practiced yoga with numerous instructors for almost 45 years.  She has helped and inspired me to continue and extend my yoga practice into my senior years.  She has a remarkable ability as a teacher to individualize instruction while providing a quality class for everyone present.  Cara somehow always does “new” stuff even for me, varying from whatever was offered the previous class with her.  How she manages to do this for her many students is a mystery to me. I recommend Cara without reservation to anyone at any level of yoga. –Roberta Medford

Cara has a way of touching you mind, body, spirit, and soul.  Each time I enter her space, I am totally at peach and feel re-energized.  Cara is a true “gift” to us all. –Penny Schopflin

Cara’s business is yoga-she is a consummate professional- in tune with each of her students and their needs.  I am a much better person for having met her and joining her classes.  I have been taking from her for almost ten years. -K. Park

Yoga with Cara is my favorite mind/body exercise.  While I have tried yoga in the past, it wasn’t until I began classes with Cara that I was able to see the benefits a practice can provide.  Cara teaches to the skill level of each of us, offering options with each movement, each pose, that remind us to listens first and foremost to our own bodies, and then feel safe to try to challenge ourselves to explore what more we are capable of doing than we even thought or to recognize that on any given day our limitations may change.  She demonstrates, coaches, empathizes, and works with us hands on when needed so that we can get the best of our bodies without pain.  My back and knees are stronger by far, and I am more confident in my abilities and my body’s strength.  Even my posture has improved!  And-an added benefit- each session is just different enough to keep me from ever getting bored with yoga.  I will stay with Cara as long as she teaches.  –Candy Somoza

Cara’s timely and concise direction flows effortlessly.  Her graceful manner engages the mind and brings out the best in her students thoughts and movements.  –Cynthia

Cara Davis offers a meditative, restorative, and physically challenging blend of yoga in each unique class.  She is as inspiration! -Carole Guice

Since I have been attending Yoga I have been stronger, more flexible, and happier. I look forward to coming every time and feel very comfortable with Cara. Every class allows me to be challenged as I continue to grow in practicing yoga. I also find that I am breathing better throughout the day. I am so glad to have found Yoga. Thanks, Cara!  -Lisa Metz

Cara’s yoga takes me to another place for an hour…a beautiful, peaceful place that I can’t live without. -Carole

I’m 68, over-weight, and out-of-shape, but Cara has made yoga enjoyable for me–and sympathetically helps me when I can’t do some of the moves.  She is a joy to work with!!-Linda B.

I’ve been a student of Cara’s for over 10 years. Her knowledge of yoga and the way she shares it with her students has been awe-inspiring. She is very mindful of her student’s needs and is always finding ways to improve their practice. Cara has really opened my eyes to the world of yoga and all it has to offer. –Rhamona

From beneath the beautiful pine trees at the Neighborhood Church we relax, unwind and stretch our souls.  Cara provides a yoga experience that has something for “every body”.  She invites the group to be guided by the “body you brought with you”, gently pushing us to try more difficult poses and experience greater confidence and success.  I encourage anyone thinking about trying Yoga for the first time or looking for a new yoga home to join us! -Janet Torncello

I began the Oxy yoga class with you several years ago because at my age, I realized I was no longer able to sit on the floor with my legs crossed.  This was truly was a wake call that I needed to do something.  In addition, my right sciatica nerve gave me a great deal of pain especially when I sat for long periods of time (driving up north to see my grandchildren for one).  One of my colleagues was participating in your class so I decided to join.  Within a month of attending your yoga class, I could sit cross legged on the floor, my sciatica had improved to the point that driving up north for 6 hours no longer bothered me.  I could actually do some of the driving without pain.  In addition, many of my friends told me how good I was looking.  I believe the yoga classes really help tone my body.  But the best gift is each time I attend your yoga class, I leave with a real sense of peace and relaxation.  It is truly a gift I give to myself.  It is also a gift I share with others.  When people complain of lower back pain or other ailments, I strongly encourage them to attend a yoga class.  Although not in your yoga class, a friend of my brother-in-law has been in a great deal of pain in his back and legs, the only time he found relief from his pain was when he participated in a chair yoga class.  The yoga worked better than any medication he had been taking.  Your classes are the best and I highly recommend them without reservation.  Best, Sue Pramov